Courgettes, Courgettes, Courgettes! How am I going to use these courgettes!

My allotment is in full swing at the moment and I am harvesting away. My courgettes have been extremely productive and have given me over 100 courgettes! And they are still going strong!

So I have had to go into major research mode to find ways to use up all my courgettes. Firstly, I have been generous by giving out courgettes to anyone who will take them! Unfortunately, this now means that people run away from me when they see me approaching with courgettes!

I have added courgettes to every meal I have had for the last two months, I particularly like a grilled vegetable and cream cheese bagel for lunch!

I have also been baking cakes where one of the main ingredients is courgette. I have found that the courgettes give the cakes a delicious moistness but don’t taste like courgette at all. I also find that if the courgettes is grated quite finely then you can add it to nearly any cake!

I experimented this weekend by baking four different cakes as shown in the pic below.

From left20150803_103127[1] to right, the dark looking ring cake is my attempt at a chocolate rum cake. Unfortunately, the top of the cake stuck to the ring tin and the cake broke in half. However, it still tastes delicious and chocolatey so I consider it a partial success. The recipe for this cake can be found here. If you have better luck then let me know! In the top left, a spiced courgette and walnut loaf from a recipe on bbc good food found here, then a courgette and orange cake with an orange cream cheese frosting, recipe here, and lastly a chocolate orange drizzle cake, recipe here.

I took them into work for my colleagues with positive reviews. I have also previously baked them a chocolate fudge courgette cake, recipe here, which was amazing although I did add some white chocolate chips to the recipe.

I am still looking for ways to use up my many courgettes (I harvest about 20 a week) so if anyone has suggestions for using courgettes then feel free to share! A friend of mine suggested that I grate up the courgette and then freeze it to use in cakes during the winter months which is definitely something that I will try!

Do you have a courgette cake ideas? Post them below!


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