Harvest Time!

I have been over the moon with my harvests this year! I have harvested garlic, spring onions, shallots, potatoes, peas, broad beans, strawberries, redcurrants, gooseberries, broccoli, cauliflower…the list goes on.


I have been really impressed with the garlic this year. We planted two rows of garlic – one variety for each row; Solent wight and Tuscany wight. The pic here is the Tuscany wight and we got the same yield for the Solent wight a couple of weeks ago! Some of the bulbs are huge! They are all currently drying on a rack by our back door. Once dry we will string them together and store them for use throughout the year. We will also use a couple of bulbs from each variety as seed stock for next year.

This year we also tried shallots for the first time and I was amazed at how well they did. They seem to be a very simple and easy crop to grow and we had a great yield (pic below).

20150627_172701[1]Our onions are almost ready, the leaves have bent over and I have stopped watering them now so I hope to harvest them in a week or so. Some of the onions are HUGE!


We have had a really good pea season – the first two years we had a serious pea moth invasion but this years we tried planting at different times which helped to avoid the worst of the pea moth! Rhubarb is another good cropper, the amount in the photo on the left is only a very small fraction of the amount we have harvested between march and july! We have stopped cropping now to allow the crowns to get extra strength for next years crop!


Our potatoes have been a mixed bag this year, the pic on the left shows our first earlies. The yield wasn’t as good as I hope and a lot of the potatoes had split or haIMG-20150724-WA0000[1]d slug damage. I have just dug up our second earlies which had produced a much better yield (nearly three times the amount shown here) despite the plants themselves dying back early. I still have Sarpo Mira main-crops in the ground to be dug up in September!

We are still cropping courgettes every week and I recently harvested my first cucumbers and my first successful cauliflower, which came complete with the world’s largest slug! Luckily, he hadn’t done much damage.

I hope everyone else’s harvests have been as successful!


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