My Allotment: A work in progress…

I thought I should give you a brief look at the allotment plots! As I mentioned before, I have two allotment plots – one is a half plot of 5 rods (125sqm) and a full plot (rented by my partner) of 10 rods (250sqm). The smaller plot I’ve had for just over two years and a it has changed a great deal since I got it. It originally looked like this:


Pic 1: A view from the pathway, the plot extends from the pile of bark chip up to a fence half way between my shed and the shed at the back. Pic 2: A view of the plot from the shed – lots of weeds and we were hurrying to try and get some potatoes in the ground. Pic 3: A view of the front of the shed and little patio area.


We have done extensive work and changed the original idea several times including putting in a glass greenhouse (which was promptly flattened by 90mph winds) but we finally settled on smaller 8′ x 4′ beds which are easy to maintain, a small fruit cage and a nice seating area at both the back and the front of the plot. The pics below show what it currently looks like:

20150809_105711[1] 20150809_105716[1]


The bark chip has been replaced with a rhubarb bed and we have a little flower bed at the front.

20150809_105731[1] 20150809_105753[1]

The plot is still not where we want it to be – we still have to add two more beds, a cold frame, a water butt system and sort out the shed so that we can use it properly! At the moment it is full of extremely large spiders and I am far to scared to go in there! The plot also needs a good tidy up too but we have been so busy trying to keep on top of the weeds that it looks like this job will be relegated to our autumn job list!

The other large plot has not changed much since we got it. I didn’t take a before picture but here is what it looks like now:


Prior to us having it there were no defined beds so we had to dig over most of the ground (which is currently full of wireworm happily munching on our potatoes!) and the fruit cage was a complete mess of overgrown raspberries, bindwind and broken netting.

We have had this plot for a year and a half now and we have completely renovated the fruit cage, replaced all the netting and took out all the old raspberry canes and weeds and replaced them with new canes and a number of currant bushes as well as digging over three large beds.  The pic below shows what the fruit cage looks like now although the bindweed is starting to get a bit of a stronghold again! The raspberries I planted in the winter haven’t taken as well as I hoped but fingers crossed that next year they will really take off!

We have planted a couple more trees (and have space for a few more trees to go in), erected a polytunnel at the back and set up a compost area at the back of the plot.

I planted a rather unsuccessful asparagus bed where nothing emerged so it has been converted to a strawberry bed but we were lucky enough to discover that the previous tenant had planted his own asparagus bed near the back of the plot so we hope to be able to harvest asparagus next year. Unfortunately it’s overgrown with nettles so we have a lot of clearing to do before the end of the year!

One project we hope to get off the ground before the end of the year is to create a nice little wildlife pond which we hope will attract beneficial insects and animals to the plot! The area we have chosen for the pond is currently covered in old carpet to keep the weeds away and we have recently discovered nesting shrews underneath.

Still quite a way to go though…

I would love to see your own allotment or garden! Feel free to post your pics below!


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