Allotment update!

I haven’t posted for a couple of weeks as I enjoyed a nice little vacation travelling round Cornwall and North Devon but that doesn’t mean I haven’t also been at the allotment working hard! So I thought I’d give a quick update on what I have been doing…mainly weeding!imagew[1]

I am fortunate enough to have friends that enjoy doing hard work (crazy people!) so every now and then they come over and I put them to good use with some heavy digging! The week before last, they obliged me by coming up and digging a pond in the allotment which will become our new wildlife pond. They did a good job and made quick work of it too (pic on left)!

Since they were so fast at digging, I then got them weeding too as you can see from the pic below!. We cleared the strawberry patch, the leek bed and thinned the parsnips. Thinning the parsnips at this later stage means we get a nice lot of baby sized parsnips which I think is a nice little treat at the end of the summer!

I have to say a big thank you to them for their hard work!! It is very appreciated!


And I spent this last weekend weeding and tidying up the fruit cage. I only expected to spend a couple of hours at the allotment but end up there for about 5 hours both days! All the bindweed was removed from the fruit cage – it took about three hours to remove every last bit of root that I could find! We laid down fresh bark chip (freely supplied by our local council) on the fruit cage paths and mulched around the raspberries. Some of the raspberries canes I planted last winter never took so they were pulled up and I will be investing in a few more canes this winter to replace them so I can look forward to a bumper crop next year (and some delicious homemade raspberry jelly – my niece’s favorite!)

The pics below show the fruit cage, leek bed and strawberry patch before and after weeding!

20150809_110456[1] 20150809_110437[1]20150816_151413[1]

20150906_132159[1] 20150906_132119[1] 20150906_132144[1]

The green manure that I had sown a few weeks back has really started to grow and appears to be doing a good job of crowding out the weeds!


The grass paths were mowed and trimmed and we now have half an allotment plot that actually looks tidy! Now on to the other half! The items next on my to do list is to burn all the bindweed that I have collected, dig up the last of the potatoes and then get the bed ready for the next lot of garlic and onions and finally, line the pond and start planting our spring bulbs!

One of the things I did do on my holiday was visit Tintinhull gardens in Somerset. They have a lovely kitchen garden there and I thought I would share some of my pictures with you!

Tintinhull gardens!