Jobs this January

January is here (well we are in the middle of it…I am a little late posting this!) and with it comes the thrill of a new season.

I am quite happy with the progress Sam and I have made at clearing up over the last month. The shed has been tidied and sorted out. We removed the mouse cemetery found at the back of the shed (I don’t know why I say ‘we’…that was definitely Sam’s job!) and  plot 1 (the small plot) is almost tidied up ready for the new season.

However, there is and always will be a job list as long as my arm!

So here is a list of jobs that I plan/hope to get done before the month is out:

Plot 1

  • Expand the fruit bed and plant gooseberries and blueberries 
  • Prune gooseberries
  • Get the last of the beds dug over
  • Remove the rest of the stray tufts of grass from the paths
  • Clean up around the Parsnip bed and remove nettles.
  • Tidy up around the shed
  • Put down more bark chip!
  • Mark out the space where the new carrot and seedling bed will go
  • Clear weeds at the side of the rhubarb patch
  • Move old compost pile
  • Plant tree

(As I am late posting this I have already managed to get three of my jobs done! Yay!)

Plot 1 needs a bit of a tidy up!

Plot 2

  • Dig in green manure towards end of the month
  • Weed asparagus beds
  • Prune currants
  • Plant grape and plum and cherry trees
  • Clear grass around the pond
  • Weed the onions and garlic
Grass needs to be removed from around the pond – ready for planting up in the Spring!
Green manure needs to be dug in

At home, I am going to give my new heated propagator a go and will be sowing my pepper, tomato and aubergine seeds this month! How very exciting!!!



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