Plot number 3!

Last week I took on a third plot at our allotment site! Am I greedy? A little bit! But, our allotment site is one of the few that doesn’t have a waiting list and there are nearly always spare plots available. This third plot is actually one of a few that I have been offered recently by our allotment officer as she would rather someone was using a plot than letting it go to weed! So I have taken on a third plot and promised to mow the grass on a fourth plot regularly until new tenants can be found!

We are unsure whether we can cope with the third plot as well as the other two but we will see how this next year goes and if we find we can’t cope then we will give it back and if we cope fine then I will have extra space for crop rotation and for trying all the unusual veg that I want to grow!

The plot we have acquired is a ten rod plot next to our current ten rod plot. It was well looked after by a gentleman who decided he no longer had the time to devote to it’s upkeep. Whilst some of the beds have gone to grass, the plot is mostly in a well kept condition with only minor digging and weeding need to get it ready for this season.

I am already planning what to do with this plot and thought I would introduce you to the new addition!

We have inherited a shed which gives us a lovely storage space for the lawnmower and half our tools instead of carrying them around from the other plot every time.

A good sturdy shed and a nice set up for beans!

There is a nice set up for bean poles followed by a bed which the guy before had shrubs on. I have decided to keep most of these shrubs and make this area into a herb garden with a nice place to sit which will hopefully require minimal work.

The herbaceous bed currently full of a few perennials and mint!

This is followed by three more beds and a bed for peas, although one bed has many rogue raspberry canes in it. We may leave these and get a nice harvest off them this year and then move them next year.

There is also a small area that is supposed to hold the raspberry canes but this has become overgrown. And finally, there is an area which has gone over to grass. If we decide to carry on with the plot in 2017 we will invest in a large proper polytunnel (not like the flimsy one we have now!) so that I can grow more veg in the winter!

Where the polytunnel will go!

Now, onto the digging…



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