Jobs for February

February is now upon us and I am sure it is going to get colder and wetter. Saturday is certainly not looking good!

weather this week
Wet weather this Saturday!

However, we have only four weekends to go and then we are in March and that is where the real fun can begin! My fingers are certainly itching to get sowing!

But before we hit March, there is a whole host of things that need doing before I can do any of these things!

Thankfully, we have finished most of the jobs on plot 1 and it is (for once) in a good and tidy condition. The remaining jobs are quite large ones like build the last two beds, sort out the water butts etc. so these can be parked until dryer weather!

So, this month we are moving on to plot 2.

There were a few jobs I wanted to get done in January but we ran out of time and in the end we didn’t step foot on this plot except to build a bonfire pile.

There are many things to do on this plot to get it up to scratch!

Somewhere in this bed are strawberries!
  1. Weed and mulch the strawberry/artichoke(/asparagus?) bed
  2. Tidy up the strawberry plants
  3. Dig in the green manure
  4. Harvest the leeks and weed the bed
  5. Split the leek bed into two parts and add well rotted manure
  6. Weed the fruit cage and prune the fruit bushes
  7. Plant the trees and grape
  8. Weed the onions and garlic bed
  9. Remove grass from around pond and mulch
  10. Split bed 3 into two and add compst
  11. Have a good tidy up
  12. Mow the grass (when it’s dry)
Digging in the green manure is the first job!

I am being rather optimistic for February and I don’t expect to get all this done especially if it’s raining. But, I shall try and get as much done as possible!

At home, I shall be planting up my onion sets to give them a good start. I will also be playing catch up by planting my aubergines (should of done this in January to give them a good start) and I shall be planting some early broad beans and peas.

I shall also have a root around in the seed tin to see what other veg I can get started now and I am sure that at some point this month I will be pricking out the tomato seedlings into bigger pots.


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