February 2016!

Wow! February has been cold! The daffodils are very confused!

For me, this has been a hectic month and none of that has anything to do with the allotment! I quit my job and have been hurriedly trying to finish off a piece if work (hello 70 hour weeks!) before leaving! So almost no time has been spent on the allotment 😭



However, I have managed to squeeze in a few things! Sam and I spent one morning down the allotment and completely weeded the strawberry bed, gave the strawberries a tidy up and mulched around the crowns.

I did manage to squeeze two hours in at the weekend and dug in the green manure (finally!). This was a fairly easy job and the soil itself was quite a nice colour and very crumbly so I am hopeful that the green manure did it’s job!

At home, the chilli, pepper and aubergine seedlings are all growing nicely and will shortly be potted on and the potatoes are chitting away producing some lovely strong shoots. I have pricked out the tomato seedlings into little toilet roll tube pots and they are happily growing away on various window sills!

I also managed to sow some cabbage, calabrese and Tenderstem broccoli seeds in my electric propagator. I have to say I am over the moon with my electric propagator! Within two days of sowing the seeds I had tall seedlings!

I have planted one net of my onions up using toilet roll tubes (thank you ClairesAllomentBlog!) and they are starting to show some shoots. I still have two more nets to start off but I hope to get that done in the beginning of March!

Unfortunately, not much else has been done! This will make my March job list even longer but with more time available to me with the start of this new job, the lengthening days and the sowing season soon upon us…I am sure I will catch up!


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