Jobs for March

March is upon us and the next six months will be full throttle at the allotment. I know it will be back to working full weekends at the allotment…and I can’t wait!

I never thought I would enjoy all the digging, weeding and general hard work on the allotment so much…maybe I should have been a gardener or farmer?

Having not got as much done in February as I would have liked due to work commitments, the list is even longer for March! Plus, it’s almost that time of the year where I can start sowing most of my seeds so basically, I better get a move on!

I had a little sort through my seeds this weekend to decide what should and shouldn’t be sown. In previous years I have been a little impatient and started sowing ealier than I should so I am trying to learn from my mistakes and will wait until April to do most of the sowing.

Plot 1

  • Build carrot bed – there will be no carrots without one so must get a wiggle on!
  • Build seed bed – a large bookcase of ours has broken so we are going to use the structure to make a temporary seed bed
  • Remove old compost pile from the side of the shed
  • Put up growhouse where old compost pile used to be
  • Mow the grass

Plot 2

  • Weed the fruit cage
  • Weed onions and garlic
  • Clear and prepare bean/pea bed
  • Get new cover for polytunnel
  • Weed asparagus bed
  • Clear grass from around the pond
  • Finish pond ‘wall’
  • Plant remaining fruit trees
  • Mow grass

Plot 3

  • Clear unwanted shrubs and weeds from herb garden
  • Plant new herbs
  • Clear away old bean plants and prepare bean/pea beds
  • Clear away old raspberry canes
  • Clear area where polytunnel will go
  • Sort out shed
  • Mow grass

At home

  • Pot on pepper, chilli and aubergine seedlings
  • Start off rest of onions
  • Plant first early potatoes in grow bags (end of March)

Although I am sowing most of my seeds in April, there are a few things I want to get started this month.


  • Broad beans
  • Peas
  • Lettuce
  • Leeks
  • Spring onions
  • Parsnips
  • Spinach
  • Brussels sprouts

I wanted to start the broad beans and peas in February and then a second sowing in March but I will just have to move that forward.

I was reading an article about Peas and it suggested that I stop sowing peas from early April to avoid the dreaded pea moth, which I get every year, but it didn’t say when I could start sowing again after this to get some late season peas? Does anyone have any ideas?

Or do I feel another experiment coming on?


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