Getting crafty!

So far my blog has been dominated with tales of the allotment and my quest to be as sustainable as possible. However, there is another side to me and that is my ‘crafty’ side!

For once, I am am not referring to my diabolical plot to take over the world (Oh wait…I haven’t told you about that yet have I? Maybe in another post!) but am instead talking about my desire to knit, sew and generally make pretty little things.

Now, I have one problem when it comes to crafts and that is I rarely finish what I start! I have half knitted jumpers, one knitted doll’s leg (don’t ask), a bag of knittted squares for a blanket and so on. I am certain I will finish them one day!

That’s not to say I don’t ever finish things, I have knitted a lovely scarf of which I am very proud of, a tea cosy for my brother (he likes to drink tea!), a doll for my niece and a rather bad attempt at a Princess Elsa dress (also for my niece!).

I have now got two projects on that I want to share with you. I have started to take up cross-stitch which I find quite therapeutic just to sit for an hour in a quiet, clam and reflective mood stitching away!

Both projects also kind of relate to the allotment/flower/nature in some way.

Project 1 is to put together a few small allotment related cross-stitches with some photos of my allotment in ‘full bloom’  to hang on the wall. We don’t have much on the walls that is really personal to us so I thought I would try and change that.

The photos I will take this year when the allotment is in full swing on a lovely sunny day, but here is a picture at some of the cross stitches I have done/plan to do.


As you can see I have finished one pattern, almost finished another and have started a third.

Project 2 is a larger cross stitch which I also plan to hang on the wall! It is called ‘Bluebell Haven’ and reminds me very much of where I lived when I was younger. The woods at the end of our road were always filled with bluebells in May and I loved to walk through them and pick some to take home with me!

What the finished cross stitch should look like!

I am about an eighth of the way through this and my aim is to get it finished before Christmas!


Bluebells are one of my favourite flowers and it would be lovely to get some on the allotment plot one day!

Happy crafting!


3 thoughts on “Getting crafty!

  1. oooooh I so know your pain. I have the same problem I love to start projects and I hate finishing them but at the same time it is a great feeling when you do finish. I have been forcing myself to stick with one project and for the most part I have been doing very well. The UFO pile is growing as fast as my stash pile. But that is ok as long as it still entertains me.

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  2. I too love to cross stitch although to be fair, I haven’t done any in a couple of years. I have been looking everywhere for an A – Z Flower Sampler which I would like to do and hang in my hallway, but hours of searching have yet to produce anything I have fallen in love with. Good luck with the stitching (and gardening!) can’t wait to see your future projects

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