How to be a millionnaire…

So the way I see it, there are several ways in which I could become a millionnaire…

  1. Win the lottery! lottery
  2. Hitting it big on the stockmarket! Stock Traders Trading Stocks and Securities
  3. Invent a useful gardening product and go on Dragons Den. dragons den
  4. Earn money and don’t spend any of it! scrooge

I guess it’s option Number 4 for me…

So there is a purpose to this post,the catchy title was just to get your attention! It’s about recycling, reusing and repurposing, not only to save me valuable cash but to live a more sustainable way of life. As we saw in a previous post, my carbon footprint is excessively high and I am trying to reduce this in whatever way I can which includes making more out of waste! Like they say, one man’s waste is another man’s treasure!

When I got an allotment, I thought it would be a cheap alternative to buying from the supermarket but that is not strictly true. I think the benefits of growing your own far outweighs shopping at a supermarket but it is not necessarily cheaper, certainly not in the first few years. However, one thing I have learnt over the last three years of having an allotment is how innovative us gardeners and allotmenteers can be when it comes to stretching our cash.

Around my allotment you can already see where I have re-used or re-purposed items into allotment beds and walkways such as using bottles to make a bed, re-using old bookcases and doors and using old carpet to for walkways and weed control!

But it doesn’t end there! So over the next few months, I will be posting about innovative (or not so innovative) ways to re-use or re-purpose  your ‘waste’ that will increase your sustainability and also (hopefully) save you a bit of cash!

Who knows how much money you could end up saving?

‘Rodney, this time next year we’ll be millionnaires!’

only fools


3 thoughts on “How to be a millionnaire…

  1. I love repurposing stuff destined for the tip and have many innovative ideas using these items on my plot. It’s all about thinking outside the box and seeing how the item can be used, for free in most cases, that serves another purpose. 🤔

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