Allotment Art!

As I mentioned in a previous post, I do also enjoy crafts and currently have two separate cross-stitch projects that I am working on both with a garden/plant theme. However, I hope to soon be finishing these and am looking forward to new projects.

I wanted to have more pictures/images of our allotment around our home especially now plot 1 is looking much better and ‘prettier’ and rather than just have photos I wanted to do something a bit more creative where I can play around with colours and contrasts etc.

I want to capture allotment moments when the plots are in ‘full bloom’ and as the projects I have in mind require photos as a starting point, I feel that photo taking will be a job for Sam as I am not a good photographer at all.

I have two projects in mind:

Getting Arty

The first project is an arty project where I will turn my photos into paintings. I have found a website where I can upload photos and turn them into a number of different style paintings I have already tried it on one of last year’s allotment photos and I have to say, I quite like the imagery.

allotment bench2allotment bench3

The program itself offers the ability to play with contrasts. brightness, hues etc and can be found via this link

I plan to take several photos of each of the plots and have a play around with them in this way and put together a collection of photos to hang somewhere in the house.

Getting Crafty

The second project is to take either photos of the allotment or allotment themed paintings and turn them into cross-stitches. Again I have found a website that can turn a photo into a cross-stitch pattern and tells you which colour skeins to buy and the number required!

allotment crosstitch pattern

I think this will be a nice way to stitch the things I want to stitch without spending hours searching through various kits (and spending a fortune on them!), however I think these will be longer term projects as they can take quite a long time to stitch!


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