Jobs for May

I absolutely love May – it is my second favourite month (after September which is my Birthday!) not only because we get two bank holiday weekends but because I can finally move my plants from the greenhouse and into the allotment where I can be reasonably assured that they won’t succumb to the frost! Unlike the plants in the polytunnel!

I have been quite surprised at how much I have achieved this year and for once I have had the time to really focus on the plants rather than having to play catch up because the plot is not in order.

So my ‘TO-DO’ list this month is reasonably short (short for me at least!):

Plot 1

  • Plant out courgette, squash and sweetcorn plants
  • Plant/Sow more brassicas
  • Plant cucumbers in growhouse
  • Finishing filling new carrot bed and sow carrot seeds
carrot bed
The carrot bed needs filling!


Plot 2

  • Raise the Strawberry bed and cover with bird netting
  • Keep earthing up potatoes
  • Mulch the fruit cage
  • Sow lettuces and salad leaves amongst onions and garlic
  • Sow beans – runner/dwarf/french/shelling
Strawberry bed needs covering to keep the birds off!

Plot 3

  • Turn over soil and plant brussels sprouts on bed 3
  • Start planting up herb garden
  • Plant sweet potatoes (when the are delivered)
  • Plant oca
  • Plant pumpkins


Ground needs digging over ready for the sweet potatoes!

I feel like I am missing something ….Oh yes! Weeding!

With the weather warming up my key job this month will be to keep on top of the weeding. I don’t want the weeds to get to epic proportions like last year!

'Welcome, dear, to the Garden of Weedin'.'



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