Orchid Paradise!

When I first got into gardening and growing my own veg, I very much felt that if I couldn’t eat it then there was no point in growing it!

However, as I have traveled on this horticultural journey, I have realised just how much I adore every part of growing and gardening. I love growing flowers whether they are edible or not, for the bees and the non-cabbage-white-butterfly butterflies (I really don’t like cabbage white butterflies!) and also just for the sheer delight of looking at them.

This has inevitably extended into my home and I now have a range of houseplants, most of which you can commonly find in most garden centres. I have a spider plant, ti trees, a ficus, a yukka and an ever growing collection of Phalaeonopsis orchids (moth orchids). There is even one currently on my desk in my office (rescued from a Wyevale garden centre who had over zealously watered the plant to near death!).

The moth orchid on my desk!
At home, I currently have 7 moth orchids and I am always keen to expand on this collection (much to Sam’s disappointment!). I have started to collect orchids with different flower colourings and markings. I currently have five in flower and have recently, successfully, managed to get one of my orchids to send up a new flower spike!

Due to my ever-growing love for orchids I visited a place at the weekend called Orchid Paradise located in Newton Abbot in Devon. It was a bit of a long trek down to Devon but totally worth it if you have a passion for Orchids and are in that neck of the woods.

The cafe inside was also lovely where Sam, his mum and I enjoyed a lovely Savoury Cream Tea! A buttery cheese scone with Devon Chutney, tomato and cheese and, I have to say, a very generous pot of delicious tea!

I came out with five new orchids – three of them babies a few years off flowering and two in-flower orchids.

I meant to take pictures whilst I was there but got caught up in the excitement of it all so I guess if you want to see what it is like then you will have to take a trip yourself!


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