In Memoriam


For the last 15 years, my beautiful dog Maisie, has been a part of my life. She has been there with me through GCSE’s, A levels and University and, although a family pet, she has lived with me on and off, landlord permitting, since I have moved into my own place. She has enjoyed country walks with Sam and myself up until her arthritis got the better of her and enjoyed coming down to the allotment with us (even if she did find it a little boring!)

Maisie was diagnosed with lymphosarcoma last week and unfortunately suddenly died the next day. It has been a heartbreaking time for me as I feel like I have lost my best friend and in the days since her passing, I have missed her so very much!

To celebrate her life and give us something to always remember her by, Sam and I have decided to plant a rose in the herb garden at the allotment in memory of my darling little dog. Unfortunately, I have had trouble tracking down a rose called ‘Maisie’ but we did find one called ‘Little White Pet’ which I felt was quite appropriate!

We have ordered it from David Austin Roses and it is arriving today. It will have pride of place next to the bench we are going to put in the herb garden as Maisie often sat with us by the bench when we were having lunch hoping that we would throw her a little treat every now and then (which, of course, we did – who could resist those eyes!)

I can never replace my lovely girl, she was definitely one of a kind – she loved going with us wherever we went and felt it was only right to plant the rose at the allotment where I spend most of my time! Hopefully, I will be able to care for this rose as much as I cared for Maisie!

She was a beautiful dog and I’ll forever remember her in my heart!



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