Jobs for June

Both plot 1 and plot 2 are done and planted up (mostly) and so my focus will really turn toward plot 3 this month.

The main thing I will need to do on plots 1 & 2 is weeding and mowing the grass as well as general care of the plants.

One thing that still needs doing on plot 1 is to fill the carrot bed and sow some carrots – if I am lucky we might actually get some carrots this year!

carrot bed
Carrot bed needs filling!

On plot 3:

  • dig over the rest of the ‘permanent’ bed and plant oca plants
  • dig over bed 2 and plant brussels sprouts
  • keep grass mown and trim bed edges
  • tidy up raspberry area; remove old dead plants and grass
  • Burn weeds and green waste
  • Take rubbish to the tip!

Bed 2 needs digging over and brussels sprouts planted!
Although this seems like a small amount to do compared to previous months, I know that keeping on top of weeding and mowing will take up at least half of our time!

At home, I will start planning for winter and spring to make sure that I have harvests all year round!


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