In The Herb Garden!

One of the things I would like to do on plot 3 is create a beautifully fragrant herb garden, another place where we can sit and enjoy the beauty around us!

I think it is so important to firstly, have somewhere to sit in your allotment/garden/patch of land, not only to take a break from the never ending chores but also to take in the natural beauty around us and survey the fruits of our labours!

Secondly, I think its important to have areas that are left for the wildlife, flowers for bees and butterflies etc, and my little herb garden will hopefully fulfill this requirement on plot 3. I would like an assortment of herbs that I not only use in cooking but have wonderful flowers perfect for bees such as chives, chamomile and calendula to name a few.

This is what the patch on plot 3 looked like a couple of months ago where I plan to put my herb garden. It has since grown a lot more weeds and I have started to cut the mint back.

The soon to be ‘Herb Garden’

There is already lots of mint on this patch which I will cut right back to a small bush. There are also spring bulbs, aquilegia and a couple of shrubs. I will leave the spring bulbs in and probably plant a few more on the patch to give some early spring colour and I may leave the shrubs depending on what they turn out to be.

I have devised a plan for my herb garden with separate areas to keep like-minded herbs and flowers. Hopefully I will be able to meet the needs of each of the herbs with the different section.

My aim is to create five separate beds, separated by curving pathways and a seating area at one end which will have the ‘Little White Pet’ rose bush next to it.

Rose ‘Little White Pet’

The fifth bed will be in the centre of the plot, in a sort-of diamond shape created by the curving of the paths. In this bed, I plan to put my crab apple tree and possible a small selection of thymes, interspersed with chamomile and calendula.

Where the mint currently exists, I plan to try and keep the mint restricted to this one bed and also plant lemon balm here too. Both plants require a similar type of soil so should thrive nicely in this corner and they look similar too!

The second bed will be for annual herbs that require sun but also some moisture including basil, fennel and dill. The third bed will be for those Mediterranean herbs that require a drier soil such as rosemary, sage and oregano and the fourth bed will be for other herbs such caraway etc. I would like to line either side of the paths with chives and garlic chives as I like the idea of the little pompom flowers either side of me as I walk.

One thing that I have noticed is the large number of wild strawberries overtaking this patch. I don’t plan to remove them as I quite like the idea of having wild strawberries, but will restrain them to one half of the plot. Hopefully, they will be good ground cover for the beds preventing too many weeds from coming up!


As always, I have grand plans but we will see how this develops over the year! With a bit of luck the basic structure will start to take shape by the end of June!




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