A Dangerously Hot Day!

Sunday was a beautifully sunny and hot day and I am sure we all enjoyed the wonderful weather!

Sam and I were down the allotment this Sunday, as usual, with the task of digging over one of the beds on plot 3 so we could plant out our Brussels sprouts.

Two hours in and we finally decided to go home and return in the evening when it was cooler. With the sun beating down on us, our energy was quickly sapped and we both felt it safer to enjoy sunshine by doing nothing.

We returned later in the evening and made remarkable progress on tidying up plot 3 and gave all the plants a good soaking.

However, Sunday was not without casualties!

I returned home, went to water everything in the greenhouse and found all my chard, lettuce and pak choi seedlings had suffered under the burning heat of the day. They were all dried up and dead!!!!


My lesson has been learnt – ventilate your greenhouse on hot days and dampen down the floor to keep humidity up so  your plants don’t become dried, shriveled corpses!



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