Jobs for August

August can be an exciting month as those greenhouse crops should really be starting to be ready. The tomatoes should be ripening and the peppers and aubergines growing! However, whilst I am periodically checking the ripening of my greenhouse crops, I do have a few jobs that I want to do this month!

Raise/Line the strawberry bed with wood.

Grass is constantly encroaching on the strawberry bed and the line of my bed is no longer straight and orderly. This is a problem with most of the beds and I will need to devise effective barriers to prevent the grass and weeds from claiming back what we have spent so long on producing! So, as the strawberry bed is one of the smallest – we thought we would started there and will be outlining the bed with wood!

Would like to give the strawberry bed a neater appearance by ‘raising’ it!

Clear the rest of the herb garden

Half the herb garden is covered with wild strawberries and they need removing. I am absolutely sure they will be back in no time at all but we do need to clear them temporarily so we can get the rest of our herbs planted. It is quite a thick mat of strawberries so is no mean feat to get rid of them!

Strawberries on the right need to be removed!

Continue burning and removing the waste piles at the bottom of the garden.

Sam will be continuing on with burning any waste that can be burnt and we will remove any left over non-combustibles to the tip! We will also need to start clearing the site ready for our new polytunnel!

Buy the polytunnel!

I would love to get the polytunnel erected before the windy autumn and winter set in and August/ beginning of September will be the best time to do that so I need to get a jiggy on and buy the polytunnel. I think I’ll be needing to get the tape measure out…

Sow green manure

The onions have been harvested, the second early bed is slowly being emptied and the broad beans will not be far behind so to make sure we get a good structure into the beds, improve soil and to prevent weeds, I will be digging over the beds and sowing green manure seeds. This time, however, I won’t be digging in the green manure in February, we will dig in approximately Oct/Nov and then pile on rotted manure on top of that. The beds will then be covered over the winter and left to the worms!

We used green manure in the beds last year…

Prune the Apple and Pear tree

Both the apple and pear tree are really odd shapes and most of the apples on the tree look black and diseased – not good – so I will be giving them a trim this month to encourage fruiting spurs and get a better shape as well as removing the diseased fruit. This will only be a light trim as the main prune will come in the winter!

And as ever…general maintenance of the plots. Just need to keep mowing, weeding, trimming and watering!


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