Jobs for October

The job list is still longer than my arm (will it ever be shorter?) and what with the days drawing in and the weather likely to change I doubt I will be spending as much time down the allotment! However, like the trooper I am, I still carry on trying to cross off the jobs on my list!


  • Order well-rotted manure for the beds from the local farm (have actually done this – it’s coming on the 8th – exciting !!!)
  • Tidy up and clean out shed; the shed have actually stayed pretty organise but they need a good sweep out and resident spiders and overwintering egg sacks are to be evicted!
  • Erect more water butts; we have room for at least two for each shed and I want to make the most of the rain water.

Plot 1

  • Harvest squash and pumpkins; half the squash and pumpkins have been harvested but the other half are still ripening – they should be ready halfway through the month.
  • Dig over squash beds and add manure ready for next year!
  • Replace weed control membrane on right hand side pathway; the existing membrane has disintegrated and is not doing its job anymore so needs to be pulled up and replaced.
  • Replace bark chip at the back of the plot; we have done this at the front of the plot but the layer at the back has gotten quite thin and has started composting down.
  • Kill bramble! This bramble is my nemesis – it keeps coming back!

Plot 2

  • Add manure to new garlic bed; this needs to be done in time for planting out new garlic and shallot sets
Manure needs to be added before planting garlic
  • Dig over old onion bed and add manure; this will be our potato bed next year
  • Dig over potato beds and add manure; these will be brassica beds next year. Once manure is added they will be covered and left until next year.
  • Really really really need to sort out the strawberry bed! I have to get this job off my to do list – been meaning to do this for three months now and the strawberry bed is just a complete mess!


Plot 3

  • Move artichoke into herb garden
  • Harvest sweet potatoes
  • Clear area for polytunnel (still need to get this done – will probably need to recruit eager young diggers aka Jenny and Adam! Payment in pumpkins!)
This area still needs clearing!


I have my fingers crossed that the temperature holds a while longer and we can avoid the frosts until late October/Early November just to give a few of my veggies time to ripen a bit more! October will be a busy month for me!



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