A big pile of poo!

Was rather excited this last Saturday morning as a truck load of well-rotted manure was delivered to the allotment!


Got right to work shoveling it onto the beds! The garlic and onion beds got a good dose and will be ready for planting up at the end of the month!


But said goodbye to two old friends – the apple and cherry tree. We inherited them when we took on the plot and neither have been productive for the last three years (the apple tree produced very small apples but had some undiagnosed disease), they were growing at an angle and making it a pain to cut the grass. So we said our farewells! The root ball of the apple tree was small and easy to get out of the ground (which may explain its many problems) and for some reason had polystyrene around it! The cherry tree stump will be got out next week!

It definitely makes a difference and opens up the plot a bit more although I am sure we will end up putting something else there instead!

Now on to making the raised beds!



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