Jobs for November

November is normally a month when I really do start to retreat into the house and last weeks weather was so drizzly and wet I thought the weather had finally turned. However, the forecast for the next week is showing more sunshine and higher temperatures than normal so I will probably won’t be retreating into the house just yet especially when there is still quite a lot to do!

Plot 1

To be fair, this is the easiest plot as it is all raised beds. Half the beds are manured, covered and put away for winter and the ones that aren’t are still semi productive! Mostly this plot needs tidying and a bit of weeding so not many jobs to do this month on this plot!

  • Tidying and clean out shed
  • Stock take of all tools, fertilisers etc
  • Tidy up the rhubarb bed, lift and divide one crown and mulch the remaining crowns
  • Plant new strawberry plants at top of the plot
  • Weed the paths and lay new barkchip
The bottle-lined bed will be the new home of my strawberry plants for the next three years!

Plot 2

We managed to get quite a lot done on this plot last month and the structure is almost complete. My aim this month is to try and finish putting all the structure in (except for the leek bed which is still in use) and get it ready for next year!

  • Plant garlic, onions and shallots,
  • Dig over old bean bed, split bed in 2 and manure
  • Put in raised beds on the old onion and bean plots
  • Clear out polytunnel
  • Tidy up strawberry bed (been on my to-do list for three months now!)
  • Tidy up fruit cage (again!)
Raised beds to go on the old onion bed and the bean bed (at the back) needs digging over!

Plot 3

There isn’t much that I plan to do on plot 3 this month simply because I want to get the other two plots up to scratch before I embark on finishing clearing plot 3. Plus half of it is covered in piles of weeds, rubbish and wood that needs burning!

  • Weed herb garden and finishing mulching
  • Oca may need harvesting this month
  • Bonfire!
Left hand side of the herb garden needs weeding and mulching!

If the weather turns cold and wintery at any point this month then I will be hiding away and not much will get done but fingers crossed it holds for a bit longer! Every bit I can get done now is something I don’t have to do in the spring!


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