Allotment plans 2017

A new year, A new plan!

I have been busy over Christmas sorting through my seeds, ordering most, if not all, the plants I will need for the year ahead and working on a plan for the allotment in the coming year.

This year I plan to grow the following vegetables:

I realised over last year that I need to think more about crop rotation now that I have the space to practice this efficiently and I have been able to incorporate that into the allotment plan.

Plot 1 allotment plan

As you can see from the plan opposite, in plot 1 I am mainly growing legumes and brassicas. The taller barassicas like the sprouts and sprouting broccoli will be located on plot 3.

I am moving my strawberry beds to the top of plot 1 as the old strawberry beds are getting old and this year will probably be the last decent yield I will get from them so I am starting the new bed now to allow time for the runners to establish.

The carrots and parsnips will remain in the two large planters at the front although they will have swapped round. Due to the carrot fly infestation I plan to use some of the Nemasys fruit and vegetable protection nematodes to help keep the worst infestations at bay.

Early potatoes will also be grown in potato grow bags alongside the shed.

I also plan to try and think more about getting some pollinator friendly flowers across all the plots as well as adding some more colour.

In plot 2, we will mainly be growing squash, pumpkin, potatoes and alliums and on plot 3 I hope to have the new polytunnel bought and erected by the end of March/beginning of April so that it is ready for the tomatoes and other greenhouse veg to go in. Also on plot 3 I will be growing the drying beans, sweet potatoes, tall brassicas and any salad crops that I haven’t be able to fit in anywhere else.


I’m looking forward to the new season and am trying hard not to get sowing too early!


3 thoughts on “Allotment plans 2017

  1. I think I’ve said this before, but it’s worth repeating. That wildlife pond is a thing of beauty and I’m determined to do something equally magical with the old butler sink I liberated from the builder’s skip.

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