New Years Resolutions!

2017 is now upon us and at this time every year I renew old new years resolutions or make new ones.


As some of you know, back in 2015 I made a resolution to be more self-sufficient and more sustainable – a goal I am still trying to achieve but am slowly creeping towards!

This year however, whilst still keeping the big goal in mind, have made some little new years resolutions which will help me take small steps towards self-sufficiency and sustainability.

Firstly, I want to try and increase my fruit and vegetable yields this year so that I am able to provide nearly, if not all, of my fruit and vegetable requirements this year. Last year my aim was to provide all the veg for Christmas and I am proud to say that I managed to do just that. I plan on keeping an excel spreadsheet to document my harvests this year so I can get an idea of how much I am producing and whether it is enough (or in some cases too much!).

Spreadsheet to keep track of my veg yields!

Secondly, I want to make sure I make the most of my allotment produce this year. Last year we had some good harvests but lack of forward planning meant that the fruit and veg often got put on the compost heap because I didn’t eat it in time! So this year I want to make sure that I make better use of the produce.

Thirdly, I want to save on electricity, gas and water usage to help take that step towards greater sustainability. I have already put in some water butts on the plot to help reduce my reliance on mains water for watering the plants but I plan on installing more when I can as well as a water butt at home. I am also planning on converting to a smart meter so that Sam and I can more easily track our energy usage and see where we can make savings. This will hopefully benefit our bank accounts too (where the extra savings will go towards finally buying our first house I hope)!

I have been putting in place little changes to help reduce usage as I had already suggested in a previous post  but will try and take it a little further this year by reusing grey water when I can and ensuring that all sockets are switched off before we go to bed or we go out (except for the fridge and freezer!).

Fourthly, I want to become self-sufficient in garlic and shallots this year. By this I don’t just mean growing enough to last me all year (which I already do) but also producing the’seed’ for next year. For garlic and shallots this is relatively easy as the seed is the garlic clove and the shallot seed is a shallot. This is why I chose it as I felt this would be the easiest one to attempt and succeed at. Probably cheating a little I know but I would rather start with something easy before moving on to the harder vegetables.

One last thing I would like to do is finish all my unfinished craft items that I have started in the last few years – which is probably the biggest ask of all!

Happy 2017 everyone!



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