January 2017!

It’s a miracle – I have finally started on sorting out the strawberry bed on plot 2! For those of you who have read my previous posts you will know that I have been meaning to get this job done for the last 4 months! Well I finally started! To be far the work you can see in the picture below was started at the beginning of January and I haven’t done anything since but that is because the ground has been either too wet or too frozen to work (at least that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!)

Started the strawberry bed!

The large pear tree has been pruned this month. The tree had gotten out of shape and I cut off about a third of the main branches to try and restore the tree to the right shape. The centre of the tree is still a bit congested but I am conscientious of the fact that I have already taken away a good number of branches  and don’t want to take away too much in one go!


The shed on plot 1 was given a good clearing out. All the dust and debris has been swept up and everything arranged neatly in the shed! All our tools were given a thorough cleaning and all our shears, loppers and secateurs were sent away for sharpening. The guy who did it did a wonderful job removing nearly all of the rust! Apologies for the fuzzy photo – it was raining and my regular cameraman had to ‘work’!

Shed is nice and tidy and all the tools have been cleaned and sharpened!

I also managed to plant up two new strawberry beds which will eventually replace the big strawberry bed on plot 2. The new beds have been planted up with ‘Cambridge favourite’ and ‘Lucy’.  A large barrel has been put over one of the rhubarb clumps so that we will have some delicious forced rhubarb in the next few weeks!

Other than that, as I said before it has been rather cold and wet and the ground has either been frozen or sodden so I have only ventured to the allotment to feed the birds. Mr Robin has become quite reliant on our supply of food so I make sure that we get down there once a week to feed him. I even treated him to some mealworms this weeks!

Feeding Mr Robin!

We had to do some checking on the autumn sown broad beans though as we were quite worried about them after the cold weather we had.

Luckily, they have mostly managed to survive! Some have  frost damage like the plant in the picture above but I am hoping they will recover whilst approximately 20% have completely died. I did cover with fleece to begin with but the plants started pushing against the fleece and this made the frost damage worse so decided to do away with the fleece. Hopefully this is the end to the seriously cold weather and we can look forward to slightly warmer temperatures!

I did, however, manage to do some sneaking sowing of some red cabbage seeds yesterday. Probably a bit early but I just can’t help myself! I can’t wait for the sowing season to begin (I am getting a bit fed up of leeks, parsnips and squash!)

Hope you had a good January and you all stayed nice and warm!



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