February 2017!

This month started off reasonably well with a lovely bright sunny albeit cold day down the allotment. Sam and I got to work on plot 1 removing our old rotten seed bed ready to replace it with a nice new one. The seed bed was made of an old bookcase which was broken and we decided to make as much use of it as possible instead of chucking it down the tip.

We also took down the fence between our half plot and the other half plot as we have agreed to take on the back plot. Sam want to keep bees there and I want to have some lovely flower beds and nice little area of nature.

Taken on the back half of the plot!

All the parsnips were harvested and both the parsnip bed and carrot bed were prepped ready for seed to be sown in the coming weeks. I also had time to weed the flower bed and discovered an abundance of bulbs were coming to life.

All the bulbs are coming up!

I mulched the rhubarb bed and cut off some pieces off one rhubarb crown as a few friends wanted a plant or two. The last of the brassica beds were dug over and covered ready for the beans to go in this year. We also managed to create quite a pile of rubbish so a trip to the tip will be in order!

Luckily we achieved quite a bit on plot 1 that weekend because the following weekend we had to stay inside. It was cold and snowing so apart from feeding the birds nothing got done on the allotment. I was also in the throes of a cold and feeling rotten so decided to rest!

Still made it down to feed the birds!

Fast forward to the weekend of the 18th and I was back out in force on the allotment. Sam built the new seed bed which looks rather good and I got to work trying to tame the back half of the plot. Two things I learnt: a) the lawn mower is broken and b) you can’t tackle 125 square meters with an battery powered strimmer! Garden fail!

So I settled for spreading more bark chip on the paths to keep those pesky weeds at bay and I had a good weeding session in the pond beds so they are all ready for planting to get that luscious spring colour. I hope this year to get a few more herbaceous perennials in the border.

Pond beds have been weeded!

Some of you reading this post may already know what happened the following weekend. A phone call from the allotment officer led to the discovery that my shed had been killed by Storm Doris!

Dead Shed!

Luckily I don’t think we lost any of the contents of the shed although a few things were broken! I am glad we had another shed on plot 1 where we could put all our stuff. So the Sunday was spent dismantling the bulk of he shed and burning it! I created a pretty awesome fire – it was so good that I started inviting other people to burning their garden waste on it!

I also made the discovery that the frogs are back and breeding and have left a lovely blob of frog spawn in my pond! I am hoping that more frogs will breed in the pond but it is always positive to know that you have created a lovely environment that animals can call their home!

The frogs are back!

I did not finish tidying the strawberry like I had planned but hey whats new there! There is always March…

One day I will finish this!

I hope that Storm Doris didn’t cause too much destruction to your plot and am wishing you a happy Spring!



3 thoughts on “February 2017!

  1. looking good – well done ! And bees – how exciting. You are lucky your sire owner agrees, i am told by others on my allotment site that our local council (from whom the plots are rented) does not permit bees on allotment. I am going to write and ask though – so fingers crossed πŸ™‚ I kept bees for a couple of years about a decade ago – I did a British National beekeepers course at local college – it is fascinating. Nothing better than the smell (warm honey and flowers!) when you open the hive πŸ™‚ and your own honey to eat and make mead πŸ™‚ . I would love to do it again, but would definitely choose the more bee friendly top-bar method now, rather than the traditional methods i followed (like a bee sheep!) before. Bees are fabulous and a definite asset to any plot or garden.

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