A nice surprise!

So I have a busy weekend this weekend, what with Sam’s birthday and making over my mum’s front garden, and I have had today (friday) off so that I could fit in a day in the allotment.

All week long I have been hoping the weather forecast would change from rain to sunshine but I am just not that lucky!

So feeling a bit down Thursday afternoon on my way home from work knowing that I wasnt going to get to do anything down the allotment! I get in and Sam greets me with ‘I have a present for you!’ I am expecting chocolates or something but instead he hands me his phone with a picture on it…

Remember the part of plot 3 where I am going to put the polytunnel? That bit I have been meaning to clear for the last six months?


Well Sam spent the afternoon completely clearing it (after buying a new petrol strimmer)!


All the rubbish has been moved to the rubbish pile for us to take to the tip and he cleared out all the brambles. There is still remnants of the pile we created but that can be easily moved.

And you know the extra half plot that we have taken on…yep he cleared that too!


He strimmed all the grass so now I can get straight on with putting down flower beds!

So with that lovely little surprise I could enjoy my Friday off without worrying about not going to the allotment this weekend!

And he has kindly agreed to work down the allotment this week (on his week off) to clear more of plot 3 and get it ready for planting!

He is such a good boyfriend!



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