This Week’s Harvest – 2017, week 13

The last of the leeks were harvested this week and the beds dug over in time for the potatoes to go in on the Easter weekend. The harvest weighed 1.25kg.


For those of you who follow this blog you may remember that when I planted these leeks, a third of them were planted with black drain pipe around them to ‘blanche’ the stems and produce longer whiter shanks. Well this was definitely a success!

Back in the summer when I transplanted the leeks – a third were grown with black drain pipe around them to ‘blanche’ the shanks

The leeks with pipe around them grew taller but generally were thinner than their non-pipe counterparts as you can see in the picture below. Although the leeks were thinner, more of the leek was usuable so it is something that we will definitely do again!

Without pipe on the left, with pipe on the right!

I hope your allotments/gardens are still bearing fruit and you not in the hungry gap like me!


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