About me!


20160723_205223Hello! My name is Emma Goode and in January 2015 I made a new year’s resolution to live a more sustainable and self-sufficient lifestyle. I have started this blog to keep me motivated and to share my experiences! It is my goal to achieve a better level of sustainability and self-sufficiency in as many aspects of my life as possible! I’m not entirely sure what that means yet but it will be interesting to find out!

For some background on me, I live in a nice rural town in the South West and I and my partner Sam are the proud tenants of three allotment plots with a total of 26 rods (650 m2 for the layman). I adore growing my own fruit and veg, foraging for nuts and berries and learning how to preserve my bountiful harvests (if the caterpillars don’t get them first!). I am a health protection scientist and often taken a rather scientific approach to gardening, trying new experiments and making sure I follow all standard operating procedures (the info on the back of the pack)!

lillie's doll

As well as my allotments, I have interests in many different arts and crafts especially those where I get to make my own clothes, furnishings and gifts! I am still a major novice when it comes to crafts! I have started taking up cross-stitch and am already a keen knitter (although my ability to finish a project is somewhat lacking)! I also like to play a game of netball and am part of a netball team in Andover.

My aim is to share my experiences on my journey to self-sufficiency (and hopefully you will share yours!), to hold myself accountable for my share in the sustainability of our world and perhaps find out that I am not the only one who has difficulty growing cauliflowers or understanding exactly how that sewing pattern works! I hope to share the highs (and the lows) with you, that recipe I particularly liked that month, and keep my motivation up when the weeding gets a bit too much!

And hopefully, I’ll make some acquaintances along the way!


One thought on “About me!

  1. Hi Emma… In exploring the (new to me) world of blogging, I came across yours and wanted to say I enjoyed reading your posts and look forward to more. Sal.


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