Cross-stitch update!

I am slowly but surely making the minutest amount of progress on my cross-stitches.

I now have three complete mini cross-stitches (two more to go!) and am almost a quarter of the way through my bluebell haven cross-stitch




Recycling, Re-using and Re-purposing: Toilet roll tubes and egg cartons

Carrying on from my previous post ‘How to be a millionnaire‘, this post focuses on how we can re-use toilet roll tubes and egg cartons.

Hopefully, at the very least, you all recycle your toilet roll tubes and egg cartons every week so that they can be taken away and recycled into something else! However, there is a value in these little items that could help you save some money if you decide to keep them!

Making compost


It is important to note that both toilet roll tubes and egg cartons (not the plastic ones) are biodegradable which is actually a handy attribute! This means that they can be added to your compost bin, providing ‘brown waste’ which will mix well with your green waste to provide a wholesome compost for your garden. You should have at least a mix of 50/50 green and brown waste. Do remember to take off any shiny paper (which can often be found on egg cartons – the shiny paper can be put into the paper recycling bin!). If ever I find I have collected too many toilet rolls or egg cartons, the excess always ends up on the compost heap! So instead of chucking these little items in the recycling bin, pop them in your compost. Remember the more compost you can make yourself – the less you have to buy!

Chitting potatoes

Most of you probably know that egg cartons are very useful for chitting potatoes. The individual holders hold each potato the right way up to allow strong shoots to grow from the tubers. Once you have placed your tubers in the egg cartons, place them in a light, cool and dry place. In a few weeks you will have potatoes ready for planting. I always save a stash of egg cartons for this purpose and after I have planted my potatoes, I can either re-use the cartons further or chuck them in the compost bin. I don’t recommend using plastic egg cartons for this as the tuber could get a bit sweaty (yuk!) and rot so stick with the cardboard ones.

Plant pots

Both toilet roll tubes and egg cartons can be used as plant pots. As they are biodegradable, the plant, once ready to be put into it’s final growing place, can be planted whole with  the tube or carton attached. The cardboard will decompose in the soil and minimise root disturbance for the plants. This is especially useful for plants like sweetcorn and beans who don’t like have their roots disturbed.

I use toilet roll tubes in two ways; firstly I cut them in half, fill them with a multipurpose compost and push onion sets into them. This gets the onions off to a good start before planting out. When the sets have a good root system and green shoots, I plant them out with the tube to their final growing position. This allows me to only plant out the onions which are showing signs of growth meaning that there won’t be gaps in my planting.

Secondly, I use the whole tube for beans, sweetcorn and sometimes squash or any plant that needs to develop long roots. This replaces my need for root trainers! Another saving made! I cut four slits in the bottom half of the tube and bend the cardboard over to form a bottom to the tube which will stop the soil from falling out. I then push the seed into the tube and cover with more compost. The whole tube is planted out when the plant is ready avoiding root disturbance. The roots will tend to grow through the cardboard. Again, this helps me to avoid gaps in my planting, rather than sowing direct and hoping all the seeds will germinate. I also use these tubes for pricking out seedlings that have gotten leggy. I plant the seedling deeper in the tube so that the compost firms the plant in and gives the plant more stability.


I use egg cartons for those plants that don’t need root depth. Peas are the main crop that I plant into egg cartons, one pea to each station. Then when the peas are ready to be planted out, I cut up the egg carton into individual sections and plant straight into the soil. I also use this method for brassicas and headed lettuces such as iceberg and little gem.I have had great difficulty in the past with pak choi being sown directly, so this year I am going to try starting them off in egg cartons.


Protection from pests

Toilet roll tubes can also be used as protective barriers to stop pests from eating your crop. If you sow seed directly where the plants are to crop, then as seedlings emerge you can cover  them with the tubes. Just gently push the tube into the ground around the seedlings to avoid slugs and snails. I myself have not tried this as I often use homemade plastic cloches but if anyone does try this them please let me know if this works for you!

Decorative Lanterns

toilet roll lanterns

For the more arty/crafty of us, you can turn your toilet roll tubes into decorative lanterns. String them together and put the up around the allotment, garden or home. This is also a good activity for kids. You can find the full article here. This is definitely something I shall be doing! You can find the instructions here and a quick google search will also find other styles of decorative lanterns!

Gift and Favour boxes

If you are looking for a cheap way to make favour boxes for yours or somebody else’s wedding or need some cheap gift packaging then check out this article which will show you how to turn your toilet roll tubes into pretty boxes!

gift and favour box

Bird Feeders

If, like me, you are encouraging wildlife into your garden/allotment then these lovely little bird feeders are a great way to use up your toilet roll tubes.

bird feeder

You can find the article for this here!

Fire Starters


I don’t have a fireplace or a wood burning stove at home, and often the only fire I start is the bonfire at the allotment. Now on a day that has even the slightest breeze it can be a right pain in the backside to get a fire started so why not use toilet roll tubes and egg cartons as dry flammable material to start your bonfire or your fire at home. Or you can make them even more flammable by following the instructions in this article.

Packing material

If you chop up egg cartons into there individual sections, they make a great packing material in place of polystyrene chips! Toilet rolls can also be cut up or ‘unwound’ to produce a springy packing material! There also more environmental friendly because after you finished with them you can chuck them on your compost heap! So, if you know you are going to move soon save up those egg cartons and toilet roll tubes. Better than sending all those polystyrene chips to the landfill!


Storing eggs

There is a really obvious use to your egg cartons – storing eggs. If you have your only chickens (lucky you) you may need egg cartons to either store your eggs or pack them up to give away.

Flower wreath

Both egg cartons and toilet roll tubes can be used to make some spectacular flower wreath decorations. You will find the links to these creations and others like it at the bottom of the page!

Making ice cubes – plastic cartons only

As you can also get plastic egg cartons, there is a good use for them to – use them as ice cube trays!. This only applies to the plastic cartons as otherwise your cardboard ones will get soggy! And there will probably be a mess to clear up!

Paint palates

Whether you have crafty kids or like to dabble in a bit of art yourself, plastic egg cartons can be re-used as paint palates – and they can be washed out and re-used time and time again. I would suggest this would also be a cheap and easy way to furnish your child’s primary school with paint palates! You can also use the cardboard cartons but probably can’t wash these ones out!

Hamster toys

I have had a few hamsters in my time and they are an animal that likes to chew! They do this to keep their teeth short and will gnaw on most things. Pop a toilet roll tube in there and the little thing will happily gnaw away shredding the tube into tiny pieces. The toilet roll tube is harmless to them so you don’t need to worry about there safety and saves you a few quid on chew toys!

hamster toilet roll

I also noticed with one of my hamsters, that instead of chewing them, he liked to use the toilet roll tubes as an assault course. I would often set up a little pen for him with a few tubes and treats and he would happily run around, run through and climb over the tubes – until he found a way out of the pen that is!

Or you can get really creative like this person (, not only using toilet roll tubes but egg cartons and cardboard boxes too! I wonder how much they saved on hamster toys?

hamster central

Some of these ideas I already do myself but other ideas have been found via research on the web. If you are interested in any further reading I have used the following sites in this article:

If you have any other fun things to do with egg cartons or toilet roll tubes then feel free to post them below!

Allotment Art!

As I mentioned in a previous post, I do also enjoy crafts and currently have two separate cross-stitch projects that I am working on both with a garden/plant theme. However, I hope to soon be finishing these and am looking forward to new projects.

I wanted to have more pictures/images of our allotment around our home especially now plot 1 is looking much better and ‘prettier’ and rather than just have photos I wanted to do something a bit more creative where I can play around with colours and contrasts etc.

I want to capture allotment moments when the plots are in ‘full bloom’ and as the projects I have in mind require photos as a starting point, I feel that photo taking will be a job for Sam as I am not a good photographer at all.

I have two projects in mind:

Getting Arty

The first project is an arty project where I will turn my photos into paintings. I have found a website where I can upload photos and turn them into a number of different style paintings I have already tried it on one of last year’s allotment photos and I have to say, I quite like the imagery.

allotment bench2allotment bench3

The program itself offers the ability to play with contrasts. brightness, hues etc and can be found via this link

I plan to take several photos of each of the plots and have a play around with them in this way and put together a collection of photos to hang somewhere in the house.

Getting Crafty

The second project is to take either photos of the allotment or allotment themed paintings and turn them into cross-stitches. Again I have found a website that can turn a photo into a cross-stitch pattern and tells you which colour skeins to buy and the number required!

allotment crosstitch pattern

I think this will be a nice way to stitch the things I want to stitch without spending hours searching through various kits (and spending a fortune on them!), however I think these will be longer term projects as they can take quite a long time to stitch!

Getting crafty!

So far my blog has been dominated with tales of the allotment and my quest to be as sustainable as possible. However, there is another side to me and that is my ‘crafty’ side!

For once, I am am not referring to my diabolical plot to take over the world (Oh wait…I haven’t told you about that yet have I? Maybe in another post!) but am instead talking about my desire to knit, sew and generally make pretty little things.

Now, I have one problem when it comes to crafts and that is I rarely finish what I start! I have half knitted jumpers, one knitted doll’s leg (don’t ask), a bag of knittted squares for a blanket and so on. I am certain I will finish them one day!

That’s not to say I don’t ever finish things, I have knitted a lovely scarf of which I am very proud of, a tea cosy for my brother (he likes to drink tea!), a doll for my niece and a rather bad attempt at a Princess Elsa dress (also for my niece!).

I have now got two projects on that I want to share with you. I have started to take up cross-stitch which I find quite therapeutic just to sit for an hour in a quiet, clam and reflective mood stitching away!

Both projects also kind of relate to the allotment/flower/nature in some way.

Project 1 is to put together a few small allotment related cross-stitches with some photos of my allotment in ‘full bloom’  to hang on the wall. We don’t have much on the walls that is really personal to us so I thought I would try and change that.

The photos I will take this year when the allotment is in full swing on a lovely sunny day, but here is a picture at some of the cross stitches I have done/plan to do.


As you can see I have finished one pattern, almost finished another and have started a third.

Project 2 is a larger cross stitch which I also plan to hang on the wall! It is called ‘Bluebell Haven’ and reminds me very much of where I lived when I was younger. The woods at the end of our road were always filled with bluebells in May and I loved to walk through them and pick some to take home with me!

What the finished cross stitch should look like!

I am about an eighth of the way through this and my aim is to get it finished before Christmas!


Bluebells are one of my favourite flowers and it would be lovely to get some on the allotment plot one day!

Happy crafting!