Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my Blog!


1 year ago yesterday I started this blog and posted my first post! Since then this blog has become quite a part of my life and I have really enjoyed sharing my allotment journey, my quest for self-sufficiency and better sustainability and my other hobbies with you!

It’s incredible to look back over the many posts in the last year and see how the allotment has changed and how my views on sustainability and self-sufficiency have been challenged and have changed!

Development of a wild life pond!

Recycling, Re-using and Re-purposing: Toilet roll tubes and egg cartons

A Finished Allotment? – Plot 1

2015 – A review!

Harvest Time!

In this last year, I have posted 60 posts, had 492 number of visitors and 1001 views on my blog. My most viewed post is my first one – an introduction to me and why I started this blog.

What has really blown my mind is the range at which my blog has reached. This blog has been viewed in 28 countries, everywhere from the United Kingdom and the USA to Vietnam, Egypt, Australia and the Indonesia!


I hope I continue on with this blog for a while yet and that those of you who follow this blog or pop in from time to time enjoy it too!