This Week’s Harvest – 2017, week 23

The hungry gap is over and it is filled with broad beans! I have had a good harvest this week of broad beans, some lettuce and a few peas.


I harvested 1.4kg of broad beans and 150g of peas. I also pulled up a couple of carrots to see if they are ready yet. They are still small and have forked but at least there are no sign of carrot root fly!


I also pulled up the spinach which had started to flower. This tends to happen quickly in dry weather – I think I need to find a cooler place to grow spinach!


I hope your harvests are coming along nicely!


This Week’s Harvest – Week 21, 2017

At last the hungry gap is passing and I have more to harvest from the allotment than rhubarb!

This week we have harvested two heads of lettuce, one green butterhead and one red little gem, a handful of radishes and 250g of broad beans.


This went towards a lovely meal of hickory smoked beef brisket with a homegrown garden salad and broad bean and bacon potato salad!

I feel like summer is really here!

This Week’s Harvest – 2017, Week 17

There has been a couple of weeks with no harvests but this week I harvested another large amount of rhubarb. The plants were getting out of control so I need to give them a good tidy up. Quite a few stalks went in the bin as they were quite spongy  but I took home a massive 5.6kg of rhubarb. About 3kg will be given out to the Slimming World group (if they want it) and the other 2.6 kg have been stewed and some frozen away for making a variety of desserts.

Rhubarb for the SW group!

More excitingly, I harvested my first batch of radishes. I think they look absolutely delicious and I can’t wait to put them into a salad. 85g of scarlet globe radishes!

Homegrown radishes for my salad!

This Week’s Harvest – 2017, week 13

The last of the leeks were harvested this week and the beds dug over in time for the potatoes to go in on the Easter weekend. The harvest weighed 1.25kg.


For those of you who follow this blog you may remember that when I planted these leeks, a third of them were planted with black drain pipe around them to ‘blanche’ the stems and produce longer whiter shanks. Well this was definitely a success!

Back in the summer when I transplanted the leeks – a third were grown with black drain pipe around them to ‘blanche’ the shanks

The leeks with pipe around them grew taller but generally were thinner than their non-pipe counterparts as you can see in the picture below. Although the leeks were thinner, more of the leek was usuable so it is something that we will definitely do again!

Without pipe on the left, with pipe on the right!

I hope your allotments/gardens are still bearing fruit and you not in the hungry gap like me!

This Week’s Harvest – 2017, week 12

We lifted two thirds of the remaining leeks this week. We have to make way for the potatoes which will go in the ground Easter weekend so we have three weekends to lift the rest of the leeks, dig over the ground and enrich the soil in time for the spuds! Weather permitting of course!


So we harvested 3.25kg of leeks this week. Two thirds have been chopped up and frozen whilst a third have been distributed to fellow colleagues!

Trimmed and cleaned!
Chopped leeks, laid out on a tray to be frozen

This Week’s Harvest – 2017, week 11

This week down the allotment as well a the many other jobs I did, I gave the rosemary bush on plot 1 a much needed hair cut. About a third of the bush was cut away (mostly dead wood) but some of it had lovely fresh growth and I couldn’t bare to burn it so I cut off the fresh stems and bought them home. I will keep some fresh for cooking this week otherwise I will dry the rest and store it.


I harvested 55g of fresh rosemary!

This Week’s Harvest – week 10, 2017

Another week, another post about harvesting rhubarb and leeks! It is literally all I have in the allotment (I apologise if I bore you – its the best way for me to keep track of what I am harvesting)!

So I harvested 1.25kg of leeks this week, all to go in the freezer to use of the summer, and 1.27kg of forced rhubarb, which will also be stewed and frozen into two batches for crumble or pie another time!

That is it for the forced rhubarb now as will let the crown rest for the remainder of the year. My other (non-forced) rhubarb crowns are growing quite well and I will soon be inundated with rhubarb and not enough ideas with what to do with it!

I am also acutely aware that other than the leeks, which will be cleared this coming weekend, I don’t have anything else to harvest in the allotment! Now is the time to plan so that this time next year my allotment will still be producing plenty!

This Week’s Harvest – 2017, week 9

This week I have continued to harvest some leeks to go in the freezer and have had another crop from my forced rhubarb!


We harvested 900g of rhubarb this week which went into a lovely rhubarb crumble again!


And we harvested 820g of leeks, 4 of which were given to Sam’s mum which was a lovely accompaniment to the trout dinner that she served us yesterday!


This Week’s Harvest – 2017, week 8

So with March around the corner and having a plot full of leeks I have decided that it is time to start using them in earnest.

Still have loads of leeks to use!

So I decided to start harvesting them yesterday. I only harvested 5 – 2 to use for my potato and leek soup and 3 to freeze. After all the leeks were cleaned and trimmed, I had a nice yield of 500g.

Slightly over zealous with the trimming – 500g of leeks this week!

Over the next few weeks I will be harvesting the rest of the leeks, mainly to freeze so I can enjoy my own leeks in soups, casseroles, pies and risottos all through the summer!

This Week’s Harvest – 2017, week 7

An exciting weekend at the allotment, the first fruit harvest of 2017! I have forced some rhubarb and enjoyed my first pickings this week – a decent 350g!


These lovely pink stems were used straight away in a delicious rhubarb and apple crumble and I have to say the rhubarb tasted fantastic!